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See what Ignite has been up to in the community since its creation in 2018!

Alpha House Volunteering


As COVID restrictions ease down in Alberta, Ignite Youth Club members returned to help out Alpha House, this time by packing lunches for their DOAP team!

Alpha House Donation


Partnering with the Alpha House Society,  a  local homeless shelter, we organized a donation of over 140 items, amounting to around $1000.  It was a great experience!

Drop-In Center



Partnering with the Drop in Center,  a  local homeless shelter, we organized a donation of over 140 items, amounting to around $1000.  We had lots of fun buying, packing, and delivering the items!

Western Canada High School Donation


With the COVID-19 Pandemic impacting funding for high-school clubs. Ignite Youth Club Donated 1000 to Western Canada High School to support their Robotics Club! This money will lower costs for club members, making robotics education at WCHS more accessible.

Robotics Club Logo.png

COVID-19 Ear Guard Initiative


Recognizing the impact that COVID-19 has had on our hospitals and healthcare workers, we designed and 3D printed mask extenders. After over 150 hours of hard work, we delivered over 300 mask extenders to the Foothills Hospital.



Since July of 2022, Ignite has had an ongoing partnership with Chinese organization AiBaiFu to provide free English tutoring to special needs children. Special thanks to our teachers who have graciously volunteered to dedicate their valuable time to make this program a success!

Bottle Drive Fundraiser


In July 2022, Ignite ran a bottle drive in Calgary to raise funds for our many projects and programs. 100% of the proceeds of this program are reinvested into the other ongoing projects Ignite is working on. 

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